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Slava Kushnir, Polina Petrenko: Can’t Get My Tongue Around It: Focusing on Pronunciation in the Classroom

Семинар Вячеслава Кушнира и Полины Петренко в Санкт-Петербурге
(Работа над произношением на уроках английского)

Дата: 26 января 2020 г.
Время: 09:30 – 17:30 (с тремя перерывами)
Стоимость: 7500 руб.
Язык семинара: английский
Адрес: СПб, Большой пр. ПС 100, ауд. 504

Slava Kushnir is a Delta-qualified English Teacher, Cambridge CELTA Trainer, Delta Module 2 Regional Trainer, CPE (A), an approved examiner working for a number of international language assessment bodies.
Polina Petrenko is an experienced language teacher very interested in teaching pronunciation. She has designed and taught a number of courses focused on phonology. Polina has lived and worked in the US, which gave her a chance to get immersed into the English language and the American culture. She is also an avid language learner: she never stops perfecting her own English, and she can speak Chinese very fluently (CEFR level C1).

Can’t Get My Tongue Around It: Focusing on Pronunciation in the Classroom
Many teachers admit that teaching pronunciation remains quite challenging despite the fact that there are lots of various resources at our disposal. Right, it’s not a piece of cake, but there is definitely something we can do to help ourselves teach pronunciation more effectively. Here’s what we’ll talk about during the workshop:

· Phonetics, phonology and pronunciation: how much do we know about them?
· What makes the English pronunciation difficult for our learners?
· Are we good enough as providers of language models?
· Focusing on segmental features (individual sounds and word stress).
· Focusing on suprasegmental features (sentence stress, rhythm and intonation).
· Features of connected speech: reception or production?
· Practical activities.

Join us if you’d like to teach pronunciation more effectively!

По окончании обучения вы получите официальное свидетельство о прохождении курса повышения квалификации.

Отзывы о курсе: Марта Моркина, Регина Ганиева

Отзывы преподавателей о семинарах в августе 2019:

Наталия Каширина

Мария Ковина-Горелик

Ольга Ваганова